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Above Ground Piping Systems

Above Ground Piping Systems

At Insul-Pipe Systems, we manufacture premium above ground piping systems by incorporating pre-engineered designs with a high degree of flexibility and customization. Our above ground piping systems incorporate a closed cell polyurethane insulation with a corrosion-resistant aluminum outer jacket that acts as a barrier to vapor and water intrusion. Above ground piping systems are available with steel, PVC, fiberglass, or copper carrier pipe, depending on the application parameters. We can assist customers with any questions they may have regarding the best material and size of carrier pipe for their application.

The polyurethane insulation that surrounds the carrier pipe represents the lowest thermal conductivity and best natural resistance to water penetration available. This type of insulation must be applied in a controlled environment to achieve the optimal insulation ration. The pressure at which the polyurethane is applied and the temperature at which the chemicals are mixed prior to application are all critical to achieving the highest possible R-value. Engineered fittings and coupling kits are specially designed provide the same level of moisture and thermal resistance, significantly increasing the quality of the overall system.

These features increase the reliability of the system by providing a more consistent and higher quality product than traditional field-insulated piping systems. By using our products, customers not only enjoy lower maintenance costs, but lower energy costs over the life of the system. We can provide complete documentation, including the engineering analysis of all components and any applicable ASHRAE calculations, with every project. For additional information about our insulated above ground piping systems, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Above Ground Piping System Specifications

Product Name
Above Ground Piping Systems
General Capability
Custom Manufacturing
Product Consulting
Function/ Features
Above ground piping usages
  • Closed cell polyurethane insulation offering the lowest available thermal conductivity and best natural resistance to water penetration.
  • Aluminum outer jacketing protecting the insulation from erosion and acting as a vapor barrier against water intrusion or condensation.
  • Engineered coupling and fitting insulation kits providing the same level of moisture resistance and insulation protection.
  • Reduced installation risk to building and workers using convenient pre-insulated joints and fittings kits installed with a fraction of the labor.
  • Improved owner confidence in installation quality using a system, with the exception of the couplings and fittings, completely insulated at our plant.
  • Long-term energy savings over the life of the system with the superior insulating capabilities of polyurethane insulation.
Components (Sample Submittal Specifications)
Piping System
Carrier Pipe
Outer Jacket
End Seals
Carrier Pipe Materials
PVC PE, Gasketed, B&S
Steel sch 10, 40, 80
Stainless Steel
Ductile Iron
Copper Type K
Copper Type L
Insulation Materials
Closed Cell Polyurethane Foam
Mineral Wool
Calcium Calcite
Jacketing Materials
High Density Polyethylene
Galvanized Steel
Additional Services Provided

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Food Processing and Production
Water and Wastewater Systems
Correctional Facilities
Gas & Oil
Industry Standards
ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers

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